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I’m looking to cut down on carbs and saturated fats etc and take on board more fruit, veg, white meats, fish etc.

Could forum funboys like ChocolateMice or Runt please post up some meal recommendations and general healthier eating tips on this thread please?

Thank you.

Hey Bandage,

Your meals should be 50% Carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% oils. Good source of carbs are brown rice/pasta, whole wheat breads, porridge, fruits and veg. Good source of proteins are fish,lean white meats, eggs, semi skimmed milk and low fat yogurts. Good source of fats would be nuts and olive oil.

Exactly, the body needs carbs, you just need to cut out the bad sort. Go for whole meal or whole wheat products.

I’ll get back to you on specific meals later.

I’ve gone through a bad period diet wise myself, with lots of bread, and my stomach is fair bloated. Cutting bread out can make a big difference. Aim to eat the majority of carbs earlier in the day and reduce throughout. A good bowl of porridge with banana, honey and berries will see you right till lunch time. A chicken salad and piece of fruit for lunch, natural yogurt with a handful of nuts for afternoon snack and a dinner with fish/meat with side salad and a small dose of carbs like potato/ pasta ,/noodles would a the way to go.

This entails a lot of planning and prep work, that will be your biggest obstacle.

For fuck sake.

What do you normally eat, Bandage?

Thanks chaps. I look forward to some further insights from you on this thread.

I don’t tend to have any breakfast which isn’t wise apparently. During the week I usually have my main meal at lunchtime - usually a carvery type affair in a pub such as turkey/ham/pork or something with potato and whatever veg is going and maybe a sprinkling of chips if the chef is offering. I’m partial to a curry in these establishments too if that’s on offer. Then I would have a ham salad roll or sandwich or something of that ilk for my tea. I’d maybe have a tea cake or a bar of chocolate or something later on with a cup of tea.

I hate cooking so the above is handy for week days. Weekends let me down because of a lack of a structure and being hungover and stuff. Would more go for a sandwich/roll and maybe a danish pastry at lunchtime and tend to get takeaways then on a Saturday and Sunday evening. So it’s a case of not eating a whole lot but not really eating healthily at the same time.

Ah I see the problem here Bandage, you’re a raging homo.

Those lads are all fit and toned, TTK.
Like Kev.


Hard to eat properly without some bit of routine. Biscuits, cakes, white bread and all that stuff is not good. Any processed, sugary flour should be avoided if possible because of how high they are on the glycemic index, i.e. how much they boost your blood sugar levels. The more high GI foods you’re eating the more fat your body’s going to be producing. White bread is really bad in this sense.

Low GI food (like whole grains) break down more slowly which means they’ll be released as energy over a longer period of time and are less likely to be stored as fat. It’s the processed, simple carbs that are the biggest cause of obesity, generally speaking. They’re far worse than fatty food which gets most of the blame.

Bandage mate… you need to be serious about this if your going to do it right.

Before you start out. Buy one of these lads online
Because the weighing scales only tell half the story, what your really trying to do here is reduce body fat and this cheap device will give you an idea of where you are at currently and what progress you are making week on week.

Have a look at this guys blog… He’s a bit of a hero but the info is valuable.

What are examples of processed, simple carbs?

[quote=“Kinvara, post: 699415”]http://www.dominicmu…-afraid-to-ask/[/url]

Thanks. This is not part of a weight loss drive though - many forum members will vouch for my impressive physique - but just an acknowledgement that I should start eating better. Had a check up lately and bloods tested etc - the doctor reckons I could be a diabetes risk in a few years based on whatever the fuck was in them. I don’t have aids though so that’s a positive. Or maybe a negative actually.

Almost anything that comes in a package. The less natural the food is the worse it is generally. If you just read the nutritional info on the back of any food you have you can see how much carb sugars it has. Breakfast cereals would have loads of sugar for example. Obviously sweets, biscuits and all that stuff is especially bad. This stuff doesn’t get slow released as energy over several hours because it’s in simple form (unlike ‘complex’ carbs), it spikes your insulin straight away and boosts your blood sugar, giving you energy. If you’re not burning that energy, and your muscles don’t need it, it’ll get converted to fat instead.

This is a glycemic index chart -

It’ll give you an idea of what’s good and what’s bad in this respect.

[quote=“Kinvara, post: 699415”]http://www.dominicmu…-afraid-to-ask/[/url]

This lad’s on the low carbs train as well I see. It must be very hard to have enough of a calorie intake to train if you’re avoiding carbs. I’d eat about 3500 calories on a training day and 700 of those would be from pasta alone, I’d be about 50% carbs any day of the week. That’s a big hole to be filled if I cut them out.

The calories in vs calories out thing is important alright. I reckon if kids were taught that in secondary school it’d go a long way towards tackling the obesity crisis.

Bandage pal, I lost three stone in 8 months, cutting out pasta, white rice, bread, crisps, chocolates, cakes and desserts generally. I’d say the shift from toast to porridge at breakfast wascrucial. Supper is now something like a steak and salad.

Absolutely no effort really and women are queuing up to ask me what’s the secret.

Fair play Fagan.

I like eating pizza, is this something that should be avoided? Though pasta was a good carb?

Pizza can have the equivalent of almost half your daily calorie allowance in one meal, throw in the wedges and can of pop and It’s nearly your full allowance. Thus, It is probably one of the most fattening things you can eat depending on what type of pizza and how much you are eating. Portion sizes are also a big factor in our losing battle against obesity. Of course fresh made food is not half as bad as processed shite, same goes for pizza.

massive breakfast
medium lunch
small dinner

thats the key to maintaining peak energy levels when needed and to slimming down