Diet & Nutrition


You are all over the place pal.
I’ll try it and post my experiences.
Myself and @The_Selfish_Giant have not had a cold since we started on esterC


Colds like hangovers are yesterday’s news


You ran off to another thread on a separate topic to reinforce a silly point – that reeks of desperation, mate. You must have it bad.


it’s going to be ok pal. Get up and get dressed and get out for a walk. Lashing out at me won’t boost your self esteem.

I’m off for a Huel shake, 1 g of Aniracetam, some fish oil to activate it, L-Theanine and a double espresso.


I was jogging at 6.15am mate.

Up your game.


There are probably lads on here not taking metformin as a prophylactic.


A less of an e friend than me would make “jogging or being chased” joke there. I think we all know the type of person I’m talking about here.


Lesser e friends dont interest me - their words cannon of the big S on my chest — I’m only interested in the words of other super users on here.




You’ve a lovely way of spotting when a poster is seething and takes to multiple threads almost simulataneously to have inane pot shots at the same person.


Why didnt you just tag @gilgamboa and be done with it.


Slowly embracing this carnivore diet… Savage energy and no hunger. 2 x 8 ounce steaks a day.

And coffee.


I’ve been atin nothing only bentonite clay for weeks now. The clarity is unrale


You using psyllium h still pal?

This carnivore diet has piqued my interest. I’ll try it in run up to christmas I think.


Your gut bacteria must be crippled with all this chopping and changing and yo yo dieting you’re doing.


Look, it’s not easy turning 50 i’m sure — the man is having a crisis and looking for the fountain of youth - he’s doing no harm to anyone so let him be.


Leave this to the experts pal. I knocked out 3 chin ups with 50kg hanging off a belt this morning at 10 per cent body fat.

My mind is playing chess while you are playing checkers.


Would you sprinkle a bit of Huel on a steak to get the benefits of both regimes?


Yo just need to ask for my help man and we can make our way out of the labyrinth of mediocrity you have got lost in.


80s pop culture has engrained in me not to cross the streams man