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I never had you down for the predictable reply KP, must try harder.


I might have a few rashers in a fresh warm roll on the way.


You get great Himalayan salt in the Burren


Fuck lads but that session was enjoyable. Autumn sun on our backs, ( forwards too) we went for a really aggressive conditional game, no whistle, took them a while to grasp that they could effectively rugby tackle each other. Some crack.


Would you still be quick over 10, 20 yards mate? Or wwould the young lads be laughing at you?


The day you cannot beat the lads running backwards while they run forward is the day you start to risk rupturing an Achilles sprinting


Do they?


That makes no sense and is devoid of clarity. Calm down on the huel bro.


Having to go back and edit posts an hour later, that huel shite really slows down the synapses, it’s like they’re trying to fire and just can’t spark.


I’d often have one of these with a bit of fruit for a quick breakfast, is it anything like huel?


I’ll catch them by 30 yards. Only 2 can beat me.


What is it?


A modern version of readybrek id say


Dunno, it’s a meal, tasty on its own but I usually blend a banana and some nuts and berries with it



Going to start on Aniracetam today. The lucidity and focus is supposed to be out of this world.




Mate, you cant just pit it out there without more details


This fella is going through, what laymen would term, a midlife crisis … early 50s , onset of belly flab, loss of energy and probably hasn’t had a horn in 6 or 7 months … he’s pitching his wagon to any old witchery… in this instance, he’s certainly buying some magic beans - this stuff has been laughed at for a while now.


If you’re not microdosing magic mushrooms you’re at nothing.