Diet & Nutrition


Green tea extract is the shiz. You’re at nothing in life is you are not taking it.


20 pound for 100 tablets, worth every penny


You must have been savage overweight. Fair play for sorting yourself out.


I’m getting down to 5% body fat


What new exercise routine are you implementing, pal?


I presume a man such as yourself is ahead of the curve and doing some F45 classes?


Myself and @Tassotti are in discussions to launch Orange Theory Fitness In Oireland.

We’ll be looking for local franchise owners.


What does that involve? Marching 10 miles with a huge drum strapped to you?


Very droll.

All about the EPOC and splat points.


Love Splat points.


Is this a themed exercise thing?

You could do a discus throw with bowler hat shaped discus.

The Lambeg drum sprints.

Contestants all wear a spandex sash with their numbers on them.

Events will not be sanctioned and instead they will invade other sporting events and launch their events there.


Ive simply reduced my calorie intake to 1100 a day.


I’ve ballooned to an unsightly 65.5kg over the Christmas.
I need to get back to exercising and get myself back to my 63.5kg racing weight.


no solid food in 24 hours, I am absolutely hopping with energy, huel and green tea extract is changing my life


anyone doing Veganuary?




Is that where you act like a cunt for a month?


I never heard of this before an hour ago. And now there’s a prime time segment on it


There’s an absolute quack on prime time now talking about the psychological rights, personalities and neurological make up of cats, dogs, sheep’s and cows. :thinking:


What are the benefits of green tea extract