Directions From Dublin Airport

Lads, can one of you fire up a step by step set of directions to get to M50 southbound from Dublin Airport taking old Airport road… it’s for a9German) pensioner who will be driving to Cork… I have the cork bit but I just want to break the airport to motorway part down as simple as possible…alternatively, fire up a site and i’ll do ti myself.

Have you heard of google maps?

Not really, pal… does it give a step by step guide? I’m only the middle man here really…

You really don’t need to complicate matters here. If hes coming out of the airport just follow the signs for the M50. If he’s coming from the Old Airport Rd, just follow the Ballymun Rd signs to the M50 and head South.

Yes. Yes it does.

Sound lads… i’m pressed for time and I know lads here love this kind of stuff… I’ll wait for @Mac’s response before signing off.

are you retarded?
what old airport road, just use the fucking m50 all the way until the airport exit


It harder to give directions not to find the M50.
It’s pretty fuckin obvious.

Have you tried shoving your thumb up your hole?


You don’t know what you are dealing with… a fussy old German in her 80s… you could go up and collect her yourself and she’d still find reason to give out. Anyway, the wider directions to Monkstwon in Cork started off saying go north, southwest then take old airport road etc. etc that’s why I wanted to break it down… I’ll just blank them out and tell her follow signs for m50… I just fucking know the old bat will get lost regardless and i’ll be listening to it.

Airport exit? Who’s going to the airport?

CM - is she collecting a car from the Blue or Red long term parking or something?

If so let me know and I will give you some directions

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Sound- i’ve told them get a sat nav- i.e let me alone ---- but the 3rd Reich are hard to deal with…

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But won’t the signs for the m50 emphasize that? I’m sure one of the signs will yell at the old dear to cop the fuck on and get in the right lane

She’ll need to be in the left lane

I’ll tell her that, the left lane is the right lane


They’re German FFS. 15 minutes after they pick up their hire Passat, they’ll have completely reconfiguered the entire system around the airport to the M50 to a far more efficient model. Everyone will be delighted, the buses will run on time and pints will be bought for them, which they won’t drink. It’ll be tremendous altogether.
And MBB will still be a cunt at the end of it.

Well lads. I’m heading away on Thursday with a few friends. All of us are either getting dropped or bussing it to the airport but one of the lads is flying to oz 3 hours after we land back next week. Is there anywhere near by you can stick luggage in for a few days?

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