Do you weigh less after a poo?

Has anyone ever weighed themselves pre and post poo?

Has it fluctuated much as a result?

I have a digital weighing scales so might start monitoring my results.

No - rarely changes strangely enough, but a decent high tempo run could see 2-3 lb drop.


thats all water

There must be more weight in a daycent log than a quarter pounder burger is the way I look at it.

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So you weigh less after a pee, not a dump?

Not normal to have a dump without peeing

@Tassotti. Is a clean exit relevant here?

But we’re constantly in the process of producing waste - so it’s a futile exercise really and only something a highly strung woman worried about their weight would even come up with.

You should try it after a you spend a couples of hours on here.

You should be way less full of shit by then.

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Yeah, but it’s the pee that brings weight down, not dump - that’s where lads are being fooled here… they need to pretend dump to pee more.

I’ve always found digital scales to be fairly inaccurate

Ah contraire, it could be very important for a boxer.

Valid point - fighters of any kind might need a good shite alright before weigh-in.

I’m not sure the OP has a fight coming up tho

The post Christmas pre season runs with a black bin bag over a t shirt come to mind . That was in vogue 25 years ago

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I’d cycle the fallowfield loop which runs not far from Ricky Hatton’s gym.
You’d occasionally see a lad running at pace along it covered entirely in black bin bags, legs, arms, feet, hands, hood, clearly trying to make a weight.
I suppose the sauna is closed that time.

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Ricky could fairly bloat between fights.

We used to wear under a running jacket and over a layer t shirt . We got advice from a smart girl that it was pointless

It was not good to see. It’s amazing he lasted as long as he did near the top. These would be boxers in his stable I’d imagine. Ricky himself looks in good enough nick these days. You can tell he’s had a hard time, but he looks pretty well, and is off the hard stuff.

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I liked him as a fighter . He seems a decent bloke at heart too but he used to push the boat out partying after fights . The monastic v hedonistic lifestyle switch on /switch off can’t have been great for him

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It’s only a temporary measure usually when you need to make a weigh in,I’ve had to do it myself

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Ya ; jockeys too