Does anyone here actually really like their work? PS please could you give a clue as to what you do if so

Bucko has to try and decide what to do with his life and isn’t old enough to be bothered.
Does anyone here actually enjoy their line of work, and would they recommend it?



In IT it can depend on the project you are on and very much on what your colleagues are like.

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The real answer is if you won the lottonwould you still do it. Not a chance



Yes I enjoy it

No I wouldn’t recommend it

Do a trade

I’m with you. I’d be out the gap if I won enough to keep herself and her spending frippery under control (and school and uni fees)

Me aul lad worked as a mechanic for the guts of 50 years and actively hated it so I’ve been fortunate enough to have been grounded in reality that only a well off cunt gets to chase their dream gig and make a good living from it.

I do like my job but the responsibilities are astronomical compared to prior gigs and there’s a huge amount of after hours/weekend support needed. But I have a good payslip, can do what I want regarding remote/hybrid and get on well with me team.

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I loke what i do but its a means to an end. If i had unlimited cash i would go full elon musk doing something way out there and try to profit but it’ll purely for enjoyment. I dunno i would probably go searching for Spanish gold in ship wreaks or find bigfoot. Something mental anyway

What is it, IT based?

I work in foreign affairs, it’s an interesting time and a little challenging but it’s very rewarding


Did the Building Industry have any appeal to him?

Is he academically interested in Third Level?

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Without doxin mesel (again) I do a lot of work with databases.


As my auld always says, “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up”

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I don’t mind my job and find it interesting enough. My main problem is that my manager is a clown.

How many foreign women have you on the go? Must be exhausting

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He’s the kind of lad who’d wander through life and find the good in anything I suspect.
We had to go to a meeting at his school last night about the CEO forms (UCAS here).
I want him to go to college in Galway or Limerick anyway. Actually I’d like him to repeat, and then go to college in Galway or Limerick.
This is him in a nutshell these days


I love my job or should I say the flexibility of it. My salary is shit but I do fuck all. I’ve done a few interviews in the last couple of weeks. I’m looking for a significant increase in pay in order to forego the flexible hours I currently do… I’ve warned Mrs Hunt she’ll be a kot busier with school/creche runs if I do move.

With the greatest of respect where you want him to go to college or what you want him to do should be neither here nor there.

There are specialist career guidance advisers (operating outside of the school system here) who will interview a child, do a battery of psychometric tests and then suggest a load of cao choices for the child. I’d be surprised if similar wasn’t available in your part of the world.

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