Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?

Had a bottle of it the other night playing cards. It was lovely gear.

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There won’t be any in it.


I doubt anyone would taste the difference between Bud and gone off Bud, pal.


I’d say so. My own brother in law used to work in the brewery in Kilkenny. Often brought home a crate that was closing in on the year. Not a bother

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Treated myself to a bottle of Green Spot as a Christmas present to myself. Really looking forward to a couple on NYE in front of the fire.


It’ll still taste like piss.


Tight bastard

I got given a bottle of Tullamore Dew in a lovely presentation box with a couple of glasses today. Haven’t drank it in years and always thought it was a bit rough.

Is it worth cracking open or shall I pass it on?

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I know, kid. But will it make me piss out my anus was my question.

Well if it stops the piss coming out of your mouth then everyone’s a winner

I’m a yellow spot man myself and will be picking up a bottle tomorrow.

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Ah Mike, you’re better than that.



im a 10 spot man myself and will be picking up a lump tomorrow


Have never sampled it.

I tried this on Monday in the local Super Valu as they were doing a tasting. Very nice stuff.

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I know Harry. Said in gest though

Not bad eh!! Well fuck me…

The most noble of mid range Irish whiskeys and that’s the best you can offer.

Crested 10 is top notch by a country mile.


I got a bottle of brandy off a client. I’d say I’ve a glass of brandy every two years. I think I’ll just dose visitors with it

The wife usually picks up an auld bottle of wine in Aldi for the Sunday roast. Tis grand. Anyway a couple of Sundays ago we had the sister and the husband out. She brought out some French wine which she said she had picked up for 25 yours somewhere. Now to me it tasted like shite. So maybe if you’re used to cheap shit like me, the pallet can’t get used to the good stuff