Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


Honest question. I’ve a half empty bottle left from the Christmas morning. Will it go off, and if so, how long would it be good to drink for? Sorry but I’ve no idea.


It’ll be grand for years mate but drinking half a bottle of whiskey was not the way to start Christmas Day.


Ah it was the fourth bottle (litre). I had help though.


If it’s a very good bottle ( single malt or similiar) then drink in the next few months. If it’s a bog standard bottle then don’t worry, it will last for years.


Jameson. We had an Irish coffee party for the friends that were about. Some would say a waste of both whiskey and coffee but I love it on a Christmas morning. Thanks a million. No rush so.


Dont let that stop you nailing it tonight Flatty!


Had a rough enough time at work these past few weeks so I’m off the ale , or the spirits at least until I’m right. Can’t drink on a school night anyway.


Yeah you’re better off getting your homework done.


it might go flatt…y


Crested 10. Not bad.




Is this stuff any good?


Only one way to find out I suppose


True, I have a 12 year old Jameson there that’s already open that I have to finish off first though


I got a 12 year bottle of Middleton when the eldest was born. That was 15 years ago and it’s still untouched. How it escaped I don’t know.


:smiley: save it for when Limerick bring home Liam?


Fuck. Twill be buried with me so


Not a whiskey question but how far out of date would a case of Bud need to be before fucking it away? Can I offload it to visitors over the holidays when it’s best before date was Sept 16?


Give them to the in laws


They wouldn’t touch the alcohol.