Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


You’d want to be getting a decent bottle for 25 quid though

Id say twas decent allright. But when you’re used to 5.99 plonk the tastebuds can’t handle the decent stuff.

It’s been proven before that wine experts can’t tell the difference between cheap wine and expensive wine in a blind taste test

Are we now a whiskey forum? Have we given up on Gin already? Cunts, you’re hard to keep up with.

Sorry, pal. I’m new to the game… I was in Harrods recently and they had this stuff called Glenlivet, 20k a bottle. Would it be up there with Crested 10?

What’s that got to do with anything? Cheap whiskey is easily identifiable.

The previous few posts were a conversation about wine

Gin is so last week. I’m having a bog standard Jameson at the moment. I reckon it could be next year’s gamechanger.

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Have you just bought the distillery then?

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Not necessary. You just bulk buy it from some mass producer, package it nicely and the mugs will lap it up.

Lidl scotch Abrachan for 25e is where it is at this Christmas

As good as any.

The inlaws sound like they are full of shit, Mike. Who do they think they are with their 25 Euro bottles of wine?

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All a matter of choice buddy. Scotch whisky generally (to my palate at least) has a burned taste.
More suited to those Johnny-come-lately type of cunts who “love a Scotch”. Now I might, while pissed on Crested 10, love to stick one in Nicola Sturgeon, but there’s fuck all I like about Scotch or anything Scottish.

Spineless, haggis eating Neanderthals.


Like premium brand lager ?

That’s a great idea.

Or top of the range motorbikes.

But, like drinking premium brand lager, it makes you more attractive to women.

Vroom Vroom