Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


I tried talking it out but it didn’t work.


Well if you can’t manage it who can. You’re going to have to bite the top off the bottle.


Have you had this one before?


Nope. But I looked on masterofmalt and apparently it’s the dog’s bollox.


It’ll make a lovely lamp.


There’s a new sheriff in town guys


Where’s this distillery of his? I’d imagine he’s just white labeling someone else’s stuff?


It’s a pity the name ‘knob creek’ is already taken


It’s kind of old news. Just the latest slant on it that doesn’t tell us much.


1.4 million gobshites


That’s a lot of gobshites who’ll buy Whiskey though


Talk about serendipity. Tesco are clearing this out at 17 british pounds per bottle. Be bad manners not to take two, and have a sip…


Nothing worse than an impatiently aged whiskey



Grand drop of Tullamore Dew


Who’s having the gin and tonic?


The ball and chain




You know, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted it


She’d need at least 5 of them mate


Grand stuff if you ask me. Underrated