Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


Picked up a bottle of this during the week. It’s gonna be a good weekend


In that case may I recommend this. £6 for 2 litres.


Green spot tonight.


I envy you now


Hitting the spot.


Are you back in polska?


This is fucking gorgeous


Last Saturday


I’m going to the game and shouting for ye, sure ye have the poty


It is with great sadness… A truly lovely drop


Where did you procure that, or was it a gift?


Marks and Spencer!


Didn’t know they had whiskey.


They have a couple of own brand bottles- Highlands and Speyside. The Speyside is excellent. Everything else is other brands. Everything from Japan to the US.
Have you tried booker’s rye?. Jim murrays whiskey of 2017


At $300 a bottle? That would be a no. You can’t even find it now, it’s all been snapped up apparently. My two locals BevMo and Total Wine haven’t had it for ages.


Have you ever done any old bit of (legal) distilling? I have a somewhat large batch of home made wine that is not really that palatable, was thinking of investing in a still. Small batch of course.


I’ll pay 300 for the right bottle, but there’s no way I’ll drink it. Cellulose, lignum, resin etc dissolved in vodka!


No, did some brewing which worked out well.
What about a turbo still?


I’m new to whiskey but I was thinking about distilling, aging etc. There doesn’t seem to be much to it.


I’ll do a bit of research. I think some of the local wine making shops sell boilers and condensers but I’m not that familiar with it. Sure what could go wrong? Should I tell the missus or keep it secret?