Does your missus fancy Dr O Hula Hoop?

Is she following the daily updates a little too enthusiastically? Word is he is the talk of every girlie group chat in Ireland right now. Age doesn’t even come into it, he is speaking to ladies in a way other men just cannot understand, his allure is said to be more contagious to some than the virus itself. He is a doctor and a limerick man to boot. Watch your backs gentlemen.


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The dreaded dungeon tag. Don’t say you weren’t warned

I’d let tony double team her with me at this stage if he beats the virus

Something you want to tell us pal?

In this Schofield openness era, hope you can let us know what you’re really thinking,

@Lazarus pulling himself off to the numbers

Don’t shoot the messanger boys

You have the subtlety of a sledgehammer with nails on it.

Never change :sweat_smile:

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Lads hitting the bottle on a Tuesday. :joy:

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Does it turn you on more if the numbers are trending up or down?

Are there any particular countries that really wet your whistle?

The lockdown is serious business

Testing, Testing, a 1,a 1, a 1 2, 2, 2

I tried to warn y’all

He looks like Anthony Daly there.

Multi award winning graffiti artist , it looks nothing like him . Up there with the wogan statue

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I’d make him a nice cup of tea after…

Looks more like Ray Silke