Domestic Appliance Thread

Hi guys. My oven light came on today but there was no heat in it. Then my new hob wouldn’t come on. Any Dublin based posters able to recommend a good repairman (or woman)?

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@Fran would be the go to guy here.

Sounds like it’s broken


I’d love to help you but I’m completely fucking useless at stuff like this. My brother in law fixes anything that goes wrong in my gaff. :flushed:

Can you ask him to call round to my house tomorrow and have a look?

Bumped for @Fran

Try the trip-switch for starters.

If this doesn’t solve it abandon the place. An inferno beckons.


Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm mate? if not maybe check into a hotel for a few days and leave all the windows open.

Just make sure some moron hasn’t fecked with the timer/clock. Reset the clock and make sure the timer is at zero



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No the new induction hob above the oven isn’t working either. So oven light comes on but no heat and the hob won’t come on. I think @TreatyStones might be on to something.

This advice could save you a hundred euro, similar incident with my oven a few months back, this was the problem.
We have a great appliance man but it’s in Limerick, they’ve even bent the truth a few times so we could claim free and very expensive parts from the company.

Lads where the fuck is @Fran?

is the red light switched on at the wall?

Post up a few pics of it there mate

Modern appliances have semi-complex processing, so are prone to brain farts.
The circuit breaker can’t have tripped as if it had you would have no light. Try tripping the circuit breaker or even easier unplugging the cooker, wait a minute and plug it back in. If that doesn’t work call a repairman, unless you want to get out your imaginary multimeter and start measuring resistances across the elements.

Great advice.

better than most he’s getting