Dreams by Choco


So I have had a recurring dream on and off for the past few months. Just had it again now before the baby woke for her bottle.

I am driving a large tractor and coming through a small town and I try and slow down but I cant. I end up smashing a load of cars, people etc and wake up.

:anguished: So I need to slow down in life…

Any of ye want to adopt a few kids?

@Massey, @Ambrose_McNulty @carryharry Suckler sale in the offing if ye want to bump up numbers?


Camomile Tea, jerk off more often and don’t have any more kids, and a thought for the day: “don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time”.

Does this help in anyway?


Thanks pal. I think I just needed someone to spell it out.


I’ve me own two buddy I don’t need anymore hassle no matter what the headage payments are,I’ve had that dream too except I’m driving a tractor down a hill at home and plug straight through a t-junction into the hedge wrecking the 165 :slight_smile:


I’d a dream for 2 nights in a row that I was away from home somewhere ( possibly the pox hotel in Galway ) and when I came home the house was overrun with, I think, Roma gypsies or refugees of some sort. They all had big hoop earrings and shiny happy anoraks.
The wife and kids were in the upstairs spare room pretending that everything was OK.
I got thick and started to throw them out one by one. Coaxing some of them and roughing others out.
Eventually the more I threw out the more kept coming back in.
I’ve a feeling it something to do with the migrant crises in the EU at the moment.
It was kind of scary but I was in a vicious temper for a finish.


We had a little girl last January and the next six months were so hard, I’d do a stint in Guantanamo before repeating it. I’m amazed that you have time to sleep pal.


You need to get them back to Galway pal, the howl of the atlantic wind blowing around them lulls them off once they are fed. Getting a 2.5 hour stint out of her after 2 weeks, not to be sniffed at.

10pm - 1am Sleep (Mrs KP on duty) = 3 hours
2am - 4.30am Sleep = 2.5 hours
5.30am - 7am Sleep = 1.5 hours

Total of 7 hours.

Aside: My insomnia** condition is well cured

**not insomnia (@mac you just need to have another kid)


7 hours sleep isnt too shabby bud


Trying, but Galway planning department don’t seem to want me. :angry:


There is an election in a few weeks pal…

Stroke? Byrne/Cannon maybe?


All in good time. Drink is the curse for insomnia.



As pointed out above, babestation & a good dose of hand relief should do the trick. If that doesn’t work out, a good well loaded spliff should definitely do the trick. Only problem with the spliff is there shall be no waking up for bottle feeds.

As regards the Suckler Sale, stop with that chat.




lads, do ye ever walk up not knowing where the fuck you are? its happening me a lot lately. I turn on the light and it takes me 45 seconds to get my bearings, sometimes I think I am in Ireland


I remember waking up on a couch somewhere in the aftermath of a house party and it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out where the fuck I was. I was staring at the walls and the curtains wondering had I been kidnapped or something. The decor was really grey and depressing, It was weird as fuck and hardly a coincidence that it was somewhere in Cork.


Had one last week;

Sunday league football and I’m all togged out, ready to go. The gaffer tells me I won’t be starting. I’m deflated. At half time, I’m told to warm up and that I’ll be going on for the second half. I’m pumped. I suddenly realise I don’t have my contact lenses in and I’m half blind. I start to panic and realise I have to run home to get them. Only I don’t go home, but to some shed a couple minutes away. I find my lens case, and get the right lens in. I open the left side of the case and find it’s full of maggots. I woke up sweating at this point.


Jesus, pre-season training is being taken seriously then.


I was on the run last night with some lady in tow who was my partner. It was very exciting. We had committed some crime or other which wasn’t revealed in the dream (my gut feeling is it involved making off with a loot) and the chase involved cars and then on foot. We ended up jumping off this wall while out of sight and into a big drop underneath which was full of really, really thick undergrowth and we hid out under that for a while until the cops didn’t know what was what. We then ended up scampering away across fields and laid low for what must have been two minutes in my head but in the dream sequence a few weeks had elapsed as we evaded detection hiding out in barns and the likes. There was a big manhunt going on. A few months later we resurfaced into a new life with our hair dyed and that sort of thing and started our new lives with our new found wealth. Amazing we weren’t apprehended at any point.


That used to happen St Patrick. Could be a sign…


Christ that must be terrifying. In the dream are you stuck working the oul lad’s farm instead of being a successful businessman?