Dreams by Choco


No, not at all.


Two fucking boring dreams.


we don’t talk like that here…we say “Two fucking boring dreams, you tiresome cunt. FOAD”


This thread isn’t about rating the quality of dreams, mate. It’s to try bring clarity to the dreamer and identify what’s going on in their life.


FAO of @ChocolateMice

I was on a open top bus with Conor McGregor. He was firing drink into us. It was a weird blue bottle of some type of spirit. I remember not wanting to engage because it tasted horrible and I had work in the morning. But my friends were egging me on and I got steaming.

I went home with my mates to get changed before an afterparty in mcGregor’s gaff. He was at the door when I arrived and he was hammered. He started looking for money for the spirits I drank on the bus earlier, and I was all “What the fuck, Conor?”. He swang for me and missed, and then his security threw me out. That’s when I woke up.


a good rule of thumb about dreams is that if you have vivid and imaginative ones you keep them yourselves and if you have shit ones you come on here and tell the world about them


Connor represents new Ireland… No doubt being home has thrown up the usual emotions and subconsciously /consciously you’ve thought about moving back but new Ireland doesn’t want you or you don’t want it, pal. In short, you’re an Ozzie cunt now, pal.


You know what you can do with your thumb?


Yeah, I find myself agreeing with most of that.

Also, check your texts.

Edit: Scratch that, you must’ve rejected already.


I was gonna bump segunda… I’ll be keeping my receiving options I think, mate. I’ll find a RB on waivers after I lose my first couple of games.


I dreamt last night that I was walking along a tree lined canal which had a load of bars and houses on either side of it too. The bars backed onto the canal and I was walking along a pathway swerving around all the merry drinkers who had taken their pints outside. I went into one particular bar and saw Aiden McGeady scoring to put Rangers 5-1 up against Celtic. Some other lads were watching Liverpool and Manchester United on another screen but I didn’t get a score in this match as I woke up. @ChocolateMice, what does the above signify?


extremely vivid dream last night where myself and the missus were in a portacabin somewhere urban, i looked out the window because it went suddenly a bit dark and the sky was filled with black smoke and as i looked up above some trees there was a rocket shooting up. a big enough yoke, bigger than a missile but probably not big enough to make it to space if you know what i mean. up she went for a bit and then she veered sideways and in seconds the reality dawned that she was going down. she went down probably less than 2 or 300 yards away and the commotion was as youd expect. people running everywhere. i was outside now and had to go back into the portacabin for my shoes. herself was roaring like a fucking ass at me to hurry on and we were quite catty with each other. there was serious damage done. apocalyptic like scenes. we went on the run and as the dream petered out there was all sorts of savagery going on with fellas fighting each other like youd see in the walking dead but without the zombies.

rarely remember any dreams but remember last night seeing something on the tele about a fella mapping the flight of a meteorite that hit the west coast of scotland one time and i also remember the missus telling me that the walking dead was back on the 23rd of october.
Unreal stuff.


Very strange one last night. Was back in school and playing some form of a hybrid game that was like a mix between football and hurling. I got sent off for what seemed to be an innocuous tackle and my coach/teacher who it turns out was Paul Lambert was giving me shit until the opponent coach teacher ( Pep Guardiola) had a cut off me in the media to which Mr Lambert had an about face and backed me to the hilt. Bizarre stuff

cc @ChocolateMice


That never happened


I’m gonna let @Bandage field this one.


I dreamt I was the kid in the Walking in the Air video. The snowman was a right cunt. Thoughts?


Were you animated?


I dreamt I was walking in a field with an unknown female - When a fox ran up to us and started playing with said female - Foxes were supposed to be extinct tho and this looked slightly different to a fox as we know it. The fox followed us for a bit and I forget the rest of the dream… When I left the house this morning there was a fox on the green, by the tree line, just opposite the house … (it did happen)


Did you touch yourself?


We’re you really really grateful to Mr Lambert afterwards? How did you express your gratitude? Did you wake up with damp boxers?

Lot more to this one I fear.