Drugs in sport (and non sports)

I’m out of touch with that craic but it is fairly common here, lads I know in their 40’s are still at it at the weekend in the pub

Tried that dirt once back in the day.All it did for was made me drink like a sailor( more money) and snort out a blob of blood from my left nostril about 4 days later at work.
A pure waste of time lads.

I’d say that was asbestos you snorted

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Probably.No harm in the long run for me,id counter.
It is really common nowadays which is frightening.Its a Class A drug ffs and lads are taking it like youd ate a packet of Monster Munch!

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Didn’t Tommy Tiernan do a sketch on this years ago?



united absolutely ruined him. He’d gotten away from them, it was shocking for him to return.

In fairness, with brailsford on board he’d never have been caught.



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