Dublin City Marathon


It’s not bad. You have to remember you are stepping back 30 years in time when you get off a plane in Ireland


The half marathon last month was an utter shambles. Classic Eire, lets change something that’s operated well for years and didn’t need to be changed. Bizarre decision to move it from the Phoenix Park to the arse end of North County Dublin.


Don’t do it. It will fuck you up

We won’t think less of you. Nobody mentioned it to Jeff when he said he pulled out


The north county is for market gardening .


Most of the micks running this will have a bellyful of porter and a kebab tonight . The times will reflect this .


The great Jerry Kieran having a cut off loads of people in Irish Times today

Elite marathon runners today don’t run enough, Jerry used to run 110 miles a week when he was 41.

GAA players are slow

Gym sessions don’t count as training. Some GAA players apparently train 6 days a week, 4 were gym sessions. Jerry only considers it 2 sessions.


Did Geoff pull out of a marathon?


Jerry is box office.


He boycotted it


Note to any participants who may be reading: make sure you have a shit tonight, not in the morning.


What a great article

A few home truths about bogball and s&c


Best of luck @Tassotti my old pal
I’ll be waiting for you in terenure where me &my missus will be cheering you on.


Thanks mate I’ll have a yellow singlet on, a lovely tan with an unreal physique. It will be very hard to miss me[quote=“HBV, post:32, topic:16651, full:true”]
Best of luck @Tassotti my old pal
I’ll be waiting for you in terenure where me &my missus will be cheering you on.



Dose of the runs mate?


What a fucking day. Unreal unbelievable


Fair play. Some achievement.


It was very emotional there today. Incredible scenes
I think I earned a pint


Miles 22-25 were hell.
Great crowds.
The buzz crossing the finish line was emotional.
I’m a changed man, I also now suspect Marathon running is crazy


It was unreal. I started crying with happiness


I could barely walk after it, but had a lump in my throat with the emotion.
Cmon Ireland