Dublin City Marathon


Well done lads. Great stuff.


I’m proud of you @Ralphie and @Tassotti


You dug it out when things got tough. I was roaring at lads on Roebuck hill.


Absolute weirdos @Tassotti and @Ralphie


get used to that feeling mate


It’s very hard to know what to believe


You really opened up your legs and expressed yourself on that stretch between Terenure & Rathgar.
It was a sight that I won’t forget for a very very very long time.


Another one in the bag lads. I had to carry a lad on my back up heart break hill. He was gone.

Very pleased to announced the 4 hour funbus came in on time. Up Dublin. Up Ireland. Up the Dublin City Marathon. What an unbelievable event.


What a weekend,


Great stuff


What time did you do it in?


Under the 4. Was there in a supporting role helping people achieve their goals by pacing them. Which after today was an unreal experience. I saw the pain and suffering people went through to get there. I started crying after it.


Some fucking man.


3.26 for me. I suffered in last 10k as predicted. Cant bluff a marathon.


Great time, well done bud.


It’s a shite time but appreciate the kind words. I will run 2.50 next year.


Another forumite came in under the 4 as well. Perhaps ye crossed the line together and embraced.


Get a grip mate. That’s unreal


It’s all relative. When your pb is 2.55, its not that great


That’s a serious time. We all get older though.