Dublin City Marathon


Absolute weirdos


I think the worse thing about this sorry activity is that it can sometimes inconvenience me getting around Dublin of a bank holiday weekend.


Sure we can’t all be whipping horses around a field to make paddy power and Johnny ladbroke richer


Good point


I thought Kev has proved how dangerous this activity is?


You think it’s normal behaviour to travel 26 miles on foot?


about as normal as a small gentleman hunting a horse over 3 miles, jumping large obstacles


Millions of people all over the world do it, human beings have been travelling long distances in foot forever, it’s one of the reasons we’ve evolved as we have,

I think the horse whipping for the benefit of the gambling industry is weird myself, each to their own I suppose


They’re both very strange in fairness


Lads flogging horses and lads flogging themselves - very weird.


The sense of clarity when you finish is amazing (the inability to walk properly for a few days is a slight downside).


Some might say its easy to have clarity when there’s little or no oxygen gone to your brain for the past 4 hours and you’re down about 50% of your brain cells.


I’d imagine those few seconds are nice alright, in the same way a prisoner would be quite happy when he is released from prison


Oirish people Arguing about the managerial talents of Paul Clement takes some beating .


Ah it’s a strange preoccupation alright, I’d like to do one at home and one big one abroad. If my training goes well I’d say I shouldn’t be far off the qualifying time for Boston, that’s a target anyway. I wouldn’t do it just to say I did.
But I couldn’t bring myself to whip a horse around a field


I always thought marathons were odd but they’re not really.

At least you’re only inflicting pain on yourself when doing it.


Inflicting a bit of pain on the usual suspects here as well in fairness but that’s just a bonus


some really fresh banter here, great to see


Where with the TFKers meet up for a scoop afterwards? O’Donoghues?