Dublin City Marathon


Fucking height of self-indulgence. None of them will walk without pain after the age of 40 either. Anyone using that as a measure of toughness has a savage warped mind on them


No, a lad big into running explained the logic to me before.


Different strokes for different folks


Running is basically drudgery. Two hours is plenty of training.



Is it like a horse that runs long distances, example a horse you are aiming at the Grand national say. You’d never train him to have ran four miles. First time he’d encounter it is in the race.


Great analogy.


If you really really really wanted to get word to the folks back in Athens, and the buses weren’t running, and you’re all out of horses, and pigeons hadn been invented, and you needed to be the big fella with the latest biz…then fair enough


What if it was his second time running the national :thinking:


Start him on the outside


Signed up today. Fuck it, there’s at least one marathon in me.


Its going to be a good one. 40th anniversary. Best of luck k with the training. We’ll have a pint after it


Snap, just did it this evening as somebody mentioned they were in danger of selling out.



Signed up a few weeks ago.
Did 2017, so just keen to do one more.


Signing in


This breaks my heart - to see lads I care about do this to themselves :disappointed_relieved:


Lets hope they see sense.


Going for 5 in a row. An amazing thing.


You’d want to have your head examined to do a marathon