Dublin GAA Thread

I had one of their players come off the pitch and hide behind me when his team had kick outs! He was trying to hide from his marker and pop out from behind for the keeper to kick it out to!

Played in good spirits and mostly well mannered but a clear bauldness in their ranks!

you are wrong there

any lads in the heart of Cabra, in the village , surrounding estates defo play with Naomh Fionnbarra, be a huge loyalty to the club in the heart of Cabra

some of the Navan Road might be technically Cabra, once you get to there, plunketts territory alright

oh they have that bauldness alright

one of the real true blue dublin clubs left, not many country lads fall in with them, real native dubs

I can remember a few rumbles with them in the bogies, not for the faint hearted !

but that is a good few years back, i reckon it not as intimidating as times past now

They don’t let country lads in that’s why. :joy::joy::joy:. Think I mentioned before but we played schools matches in the bogeys. Lad behind the goal at one game with an air gun showing it to the opposition keeper

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anything is possible there!

I wonder did a country chap ever tog for them?

in fairness to them, they have a vibrant club in a territory that soccer would have otherwise swamped. I have great time for them actually

i remember the uprights in the bogies been the shortest I ever saw in a GAA goals, made umpiring challenging in calling a point\wide etc! added to the craic !!


Mearnog’s beat Syls in some hurling final yesterday.

The Barrs are an admirable club in fairness. Their bar has always been a serious money spinner. An old stalwart of their’s was reminiscing with me about the time they reached 2 x county semi finals. In the mid 80s i think. In his words.

'There were 23 of us on the panel and 19 of us were unemployed. For the duration of the championship the club would pay all the unemployed lads 50 pound a week on top of our dole. We would train every day. Sometimes twice a day. ‘We were like professional huddlers’.

And what happened in the years after the two semi finals? I asked.

'Ah fellas started acting the bollox. Getting jobs and stuff like that!


Cracking story! :rofl:

They did mate. A scion of the GAA royalty a few doors up from ye scored the winner. Whatsapp was full of pictures last night of middle age men in mearnogs tops in the pubs of malahide.

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Shane ?? Is he still at it ? Fair fucks to him

No. Next generation.

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Na Fianna were never worth a fuck really. In the end, they will always tip the cap to their Vins overlords.

Croke Park will need to stump up some serious cash here. We’ve been carrying the association on our backs for long enough.