A few thoughts on the nations capital:

  • Gallaghers Boxty restaurant is a superb establishment. 10/10. I recommend the Irish Stew.
  • Fitzsimons pub has decent live music but the overall service is unsatisfactory. A hint costs €6.05 and service is slow and laboured.
  • There are alot of gays in Temple Bar. I witnessed two of them embraced in a kiss on the street last night and another two arguing where one of them was in floods of tears.
  • Taxi drivers are alright sorts up there by and large from what i can see.
  • The Luas is useful.
  • Dolores Ruth is even better looking in the flesh.
  • Coppers hasn’t changed much over the years and is a fine spot for a few bachelors to go to.
  • Ate in some place called Coppingers or something to that effect last night after the dogs. It’s down a side street in Temple Bar. All flash and little substance about the place. I asked for the chicken leg as it was the only thing on the menu that looked normal, what they brought me out was a bit of chicken on a plate of leaves. I had to get some pizza on the way to the pub afterwards. Also, they only had one beer on draught, one of these fancy, flashy types.
  • There are alot of Romas and beggars on the streets. These lads are no good for anyone and only cause trouble.

So to summarise…

Dublin - a lot right, a lot still to work on.

Dunph I get the feeling that, and don’t take this the wrong way bro, that you’re a simple man with simple tastes.


To summarise this thread, Dunph=simpleton.


What’s the problem? Just making a few observations…

Some fine observations there, Dunph.

Dunph, don’t mind Turenne, he’s just jealous that you know the way from Heuston to Croker.

Cheers bro.


  • There were alot of people handing me out flyers for strip clubs, everywhere i turned i was handed these flyers.
  • Spoke to two bible bashers on the street.

Dublin tourist board wont hire you just yet. You should add that summary to Tripadvisor.

Where did you stay in the end, Dunph?

A hotel in the Dublin area…

:smiley: Why the fook did you speak to them?

Did you encounter any of those hippy Concern freaks?

A fine review Dunph. You should be relieved someone like turenne thinks you are simple, it would be far worse if he agreed with your post

No i didn’t encounter anyone from Concern, Flano. I was just strolling down the street and there was a fella preaching on top of a box and he was waving a bible around in his hand (i later learned his name was Maurice). The two bible bashers approached me as they saw that i was intrigued by this. After a ten mintue conversation they were able to tell me i am going straight to hell and urged me to join them on the road to salvation. I declined and told them i had to go to Shelbourne Park…

great review mate- next time your up you should visit fair fingal

Definitely mate. I planned to visit there this weekend but just didn’t get the time. I’ll let you know when i’m going. We’ll go for dinner somewhere…

great stuff- malahide has the highest quality restaurant to population ratio in Ireland

I must challenge you on one point sir, Gallagher’s is for yanks the food was desperate when I was there, so bad infact I wouldn’t give it to a dog

Now Dunph I have questions, what was the stout like or are you a larger man? what was the breakfast in the hotel like it’s usually shit, did you have a kebab in zaytoon

Great call Dunph on Gallaghers Boxty House. You should have got the bacon and cabbage though.

Owned by a Mohill man.