Dunne's Stores are thieving cunts

There are no more bargains to be had in that shithole of a shop. Nothing.

What about that Paul costelloe chopping board, a plank to adorn any occasion at a mere sixty quid??

Thieving cunts.

I got a huge 500 ml of radox shower gel there tonight for 1.79 . The 250ml was 2.79 in same shop. An innocent smoothie small for 1.50 and 2 satsumas for 1euro . Just need to say that .

Do you want diabetes?


The smoothie was a one off treat . It was tiny. Can drinking the shower gel increase the risk of diabetes ???

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The days of getting a bargain in that sespit are well and truly gone.

Are they trying to position themselves as more upmarket than Lidl/aldi.

Innocent is up there as one of the worst drinks in the world. I think its about 42 spoons of sugar


Is innocent a pronoun or an adjective in this context?

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I had about a gallon of cider on Tuesday night after first 5 a side of winter season and needed a boost like .

Haha. The absolute worst drink in the world.

Jesus look after yourself fella.

I went in to buy a pair of jocks today. I ended up buying a three pack for fifteen euros. 5 fucking eurons for a pair of jocks. Dirty robbing bastards.

Not as dirty as your jocks I’d say


Not funny you stupid cunt.

I paid 24 Euro for 3 pairs of boxer shorts in M&S a few weeks ago . A comfortable scrotum don’t come cheap pal .

You’re off your fucking game.

You’d want your head examined to be buying jocks in Dunnes. M&S is the only game in town for barracading the boys


Don’t go for cheap jocks or cheap shoes .

Fear not ashman I have very refined taste. Dunne’s are robbing cunts in every department. Nothing to do with trying to out do Lidl or Aldi.