Any advice on a decent kindle type device with a back light that I could buy myself and a link to ebooks
Looking to get a modern device or could I use my tab ?
Read so many reviews in the past that I’m fuddled, anyone on here who actually uses a decent modern yoke?
Thanks ( no thumb up the hole jobs pls)

I have this one kid… great for the money



Thanks bud I’m going to open that now

Did u manage to cancel that kindle unlimited thingy?

Cancel Kindle Unlimited – when and how to do it the right way (ebookfriendly.com)

I didn’t bother cancel it but it’s handy enough

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That e10 monthly’ ?
Sorry for all the questions, just don’t want to be tied down to a monthly jobbie with Amazon as my mate can sort me with books :crossed_fingers:

8 quid sterling bud.

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Thanks boy- bit steep tbh but sure one can opt out after the initial free period-

Think it is 3 month free. I hardly use it to be honest and will probably cancel after this interaction :rofl:


Join your local library and download Borrowbox onto a regular tablet. It’s free


For fecks sake😊 u rate it though, I’m only worried about books I download not being converted

Did that ages ago it’s great for mags but don’t know about ebooks

My mother uses it all the time, she rates it very highly.

I use the kindle mostly for technical/learning books and haven’t used it in a while. I know I used to get decent “free” ones back in the day and they formatted no problem on it

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I strictly want it for reading-

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@habanerocat has a guide on using Torrents
You can use that to download books too, millions of them on there and will only you cost the electricity and perhaps conscience. Habanero appears to have none of the latter.

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You need two Internet connections for that

Download on computer and transfer into the tablet then?

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