Eamonn Dunphy: Blast from the past

Yeah, that could be it. The show starts sloppily in the middle of the news so that would certainly indicate that it uploads automatically. I wonder how long it’ll be left up for…

Well there is a total of about three people in the Newstalk offices at this time on a Sunday so nobody there is gong to do anything.

its gone

Ouch, I’m served.

I’m listening to it right now. My laptop better not crash.

[size=3]Main quotes from what I heard:[/size]

[size=3]“They’ve made my life impossible here and that’s why I’m leaving, and not just for me, but for my producer who’s a young journalist and for other young journalists in this station who are being intimidated and blackguarded.”[/size]

[size=3]“These people (people like Denis O’Brien) are very dangerous. They buy politicians like they buy [/size]
[size=3]dinners in fancy restaurants, and they buy journalists like they buy dinners in fancy restaurants.”[/size]

[size=3]“Denis O’Brien hates journalism, he despises it, he’s on the record.”[/size]

[size=3]Eamon Dunphy: Do you want them to have the power to have people paraded before an Oireachtas committee. [/size]
[size=3]Ger Colleran: “Last time I checked, Denis O’Brien wasn’t a member of the Oireachtas.” [/size]
[size=3]Eamon Dunphy: “No, but he owns the members of the Oireachtas. He can easily do it, he can easily do it. These are the people we are talking about.”[/size]

That was quick enough all the same. The Irish Times had a story on it as quick as a flash though so the damage is done and I imagine Broadsheet will have the juicy bits transcribed this week.

Great stuff from the Dunph this morning. Id say he doesn’t give a bollix about being sued because he hasn’t a pot to piss in anyway.

As an aside what the fuck have the Competition Authority been up to to allow the other yoke gain so much control of the media?

I was there when we cleared the merger. He hardly has a monopoly in fairness.


I just listened back on the newstalk iPhone app. It is still in the archive section there

Well he has far too dominant a position in my view. He has interest in a very considerable number of radio stations outside of Montrose as well as having considerable interest in Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Irish Daily Star, Evening Herald, Sunday World and Belfast Telegraph. People might not like Dunphy and he can be frustrating at times but he is someone who calls it as he sees it. Kiberd has been off air all week too and he is only other top notch current affairs journalist at the station. Cooper hasn’t even discussed matter on Last Word. His book was very interesting for those of us who have an interest in Irish media but surely matter is worth discussing on his show.
Dross like Donoghue, Coleman, Carey and Yates are now taking centre stage on what was once a fine station. Agenda to put on green jersey and put more positive spin on news is basically pure propaganda. To think we used to laugh at American and British media.

I hear Cooper’s new book is green jersey dross.

He does have a strong hold on Irish media but so long as there is a means for a voice to be heard or read on a medium that isn’t owned by him he does not have a monopoly and that’s what TCA go on.

I am not arguing with that is what they go on but that the paramaters are then way too narrow. The very fact that this matter has gotten so little coverage underlines his influence is dangerously high. The government have done fuck all since Moriarity Report despite promising to. Mitchell had tantrum when O’Brien’s intergrity was mentioned on Frontline and yet he is not challenged face on like he should have been. News too today that O’Brien is looking to take control of Eircom. He has far greater control of Irish media than Murdoch would have had had his takeover of BSkyB being succesful.

Denis O’Brien is the government

The Green Jersey rado group’s two drivetime programmes are in safe hands this evening with Anton Savage and Shane Coleman behind the mikes. I feel happier already.

Chris O 'Donoghue towed the line nicely this morning too.

Interesting segment on Newstalk’s Right Hook just now with stand in host and Dermot Ahern’s brother in law Shane Coleman and guest Eamon Delaney of the Sunday Independent lamenting the fact that begging is not a criminal activity.

dunphy gets a;; principled when he is told to take a pay cut-surprised popl are buying into his bullshit


Dunphy has a history of suddenly changing his opinions on media owners when it suits him. I would say this is wholly motivated by his pay cut. Doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t right though.

Surprised people are so easily won over by this Newstalk spin. Accusing people of not wanting to take a pay cut is the new McCarthyism. [quote=“braz83, post: 39552”]


Dunphy has a history of suddenly changing his opinions on media owners when it suits him. I would say this is wholly motivated by his pay cut. Doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t right though.