EFL Championship 2018/19


Very undeifying the way you come on here agitating for managers to be sacked after every bad result. You were at it with Sean Dyche only a few weeks ago. Needless to say you haven’t commented on any of Burnley’s last three games in which they have amassed 7 out of 9 points.


Because they are flops, you were the one angling for a manager to be sacked a few games into a season and calling him a flop who went on to break records and win a title in that season so spar me the violin.

Clement has been an abject failure and is looking set for a third sacking in three seasons.


Who was I supposedly angling for to be sacked?


Antonio Conte when we won the league with Chelsea.


That was in season 2016/17. A few games into that that season was nearly 18 months before you were even registered as a user here on New Year’s Eve just gone. You’re reading back through threads nearly a year and a half before you even found this place? You’re a sad sad case.


Yes, I can read posts from before I joined.

Your xenophobia is well noted on here which leads to you lauding a complete car crash of a manager like Paul Clement.


He might just have taken the afternoon off from watching English football wall to wall in the bedsit. He’s usually on every Saturday afternoon indulging that strange Paul Clement obsession he has, providing a blow by blow account as to how his Reading side are getting on. All quiet on that front this afternoon. Incidentally, you didn’t happen to hear how Paul Clement’s Reading got on this afternoon?


Another defeat for Paul Clement’s hapless Royals tonight.


9 of Reading’s 12 points this season have came against teams who were placed in the bottom 4 at the start of the night. A pity for Paul Clement that he won’t get to play bottom 4 sides the whole season.


Looks like another defeat for Paul Clement’s hapless Swansea today.


Jeff is seething


Jeff is clueless


Did Paul Clement’s hapless Swans not defeat Paul Clement’s hapless Royals today in the Paul Clement Derby (excuse the pun)?


No, the Swans are no longer hapless after Clement departed. The Royals are very much hapless now with Clement at the helm.


The hapless @Cicero_Dandi wrong on two counts there. Firstly, Paul Clement is the manager of Reading, not Swansea. Secondly, Swansea won today.

Another Saturday afternoon spent in the bedsit following the second tier of English football. Counting down the minutes to potentially his big moment of the week at around 4.45 and he goes and fluffs his lines.


Sorry, it is hard to keep track of how many clubs hapless Paul Clement has destroyed now.


Surprising that @Cicero_Dandi hasn’t been on with his weekly update on the fortunes of Paul Clement’s Reading side. He’s normally on like clockwork just before 5 every Saturday.

Just checked it there. Reading beat Bristol City 3-2.


They’re still sitting in the relegation zone. He is doing a terrible job.


This is tragic


You only seem to post up the Reading result when they lose. Why didn’t you post up today’s result?