EFL Championship 2018/19


You seem to be lauding a manager who has dragged a club into the relegation zone.

It’s odd behaviour but then again you avow the battery of females.


Its bizarre stuff. A fellow who claims to be an Italian and to dislike English football has developed an obsession with a young English manager in the 2nd tier of English football and pops up here every time his sides loses, almost as soon as the final whistle sounds, agitating for him to be sacked. Very odd.


You’ve championed this failure who is on the verge of been sacked at his third club in three years.

That’s a tragedy.


I remarked on a few occasions in or around 18 months ago that Paul Clement did a good job in inheriting a shambles at bottom of the table Swansea at Christmas 2016 and steering them to 15th place and safety. That all happened 7 or 8 months before you were registered as a poster here on New Year’s Eve 2017.

Its an absolute tragedy that you are trawling this site reading up on posts on Paul Clement from almost a year before you even found your way on here. You really need to get out of that bedsit bunker and get out and about a bit more. Bizarre.


It’s an absolute tragedy that you still can’t bring yourself to admitting Paul Clement is a failure of manager, he’s on the verge of being sacked from his third job in three seasons. If he wasn’t English he’d have been gone ages ago.


Vol McClean and Crouch entering the fray at the Bet365.


Paul Clement’s Hapless Royals drop 2 points at home to bottom placed Ipswich . He’s getting closer to the chop day by day.


Another Saturday afternoon spent in the bedsit following the fortunes of a second tier English football side by the poster who professes to hate English football. Tragic existence.




Five goals in the first 25 minutes in the Villa-Forest game


6 now


Sky picked the wrong game to televise


IV btts in both games. I must be mad betting on Stoke scoring.


Some game in villa park


5-5 Ffs


Real European Cup pedigree clubs toe to toe tonight . These venerable old clubs won 3 of 4 European cups from 1979 to 1982 .


Ya bc would have enjoyed that one.


Jay Rodriguez does a Joe Sheridan on it to tie it up.


A 1-4 home defeat for Reading against Swansea today. Four defeats and two draws from six league matches since Paul Clement departed. Dropped into the relegation places as well and are now five points off safety.


I wonder will the new gaffer get as long as Clement did. It has to be said Reading were very patient with Clement.