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Anyone got this?

@corner_back does. See TV rights thread for his recent comments on it.

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Can anyone tell me what is the story with Eir Sports as of the first of august?

BT sports no longer part of the package, but is iylt possible to pay a premium to get it or are sky now the exclusive carriers of it in Ireland?

You will have to buy it as an add on to your sky sub.

Sky are exclusive for now anyway.

If BT goes onto Now TV then I think that will be the best option for paying for full sports because you don’t need to buy a basic entertainment pack or whatever with Now TV. That won’t include Premier Sports but that seems a bit too EPLy to bother with.

Bit of a shambles though with pricing not yet known and it’s only 2 weeks away.

Yeah v little info there about it. Is the expectation that Sky will include the BT channels with their existing sports sub??

Is Eir Sport changing to Premier Sports or what’s the story with that?

Eir and Premier both exist now but we can’t get premium in ireland, it must be the same company as theres near total crossover with programmes, Premier doesnt have all ireland gold etc obviously. Premier is included in the new sky pack

No they will have a package called Sports Extra with an extra charge. I don’t think it will be cheap and nothing like as good value as the Eir deal was.

We can get Premier on Sky and there is some but less crossover with Eir now.


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The crossover all important now. If for e.g. premier will have the pro 14 (as it does now) and RWC then eir sports becomes far less attractive to irish viewers

You’d be a fool not to be signed up for iptv


I think Premier has pro 14 in the UK but will be blocked here for those games and Eir and TG4(?) still have pro 14 in Ireland.

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20 quid a month. Offer available for 10 quid a month for 6 months if you have sky sports

My BT sports is still turned on anyway so will wait and see when it gets turned off


I don’t have broadband, presume it would be 50 a month plus a few quid extra for iptv. Not much dearer to pay for sky?

Dont have fibre broadband bud otherwise id be all over it

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How much is fibre broadband a month?