Election Betting

Really think Stephen Donnelly is excellent value at 8/1 to get a seat in Wicklow. He has performed very well in his media outings thus far and has been heavily endorsed by McWilliams. I expect him to take a seat and at 8/1 he is a steal.

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If he’s the lad that was on Vincent Browne one night, larry, then i’d have to agree with you. He came across very well, seemed as honest as the day is long and Independants will be all the rage now…

The Green Party are 8/13 to get no seats. :lol: :clap: :clap: :clap: :guns:

Yes that is him. McWilliams has spoken at couple of public meetings on his behalf in Arklow and Wicklow while Constantin Gurdgiev has endorsed him too. Quite a lot of candidates in the mix but I reckon he will get a high first preference vote and will be very transfer friendly.

Peter Power is 6/1 to get elected in Limerick City. He always came across quite well on tv and i recall him destroying someone on Vincent Browne one night. There are certainly a few ahead of him in the betting who surprise me…

Larry, he is only 6/1 now, you must have been nibbling away at him.

Pity Gurdgiev isn’t running himself…

8/1 with Boyles. ‘Re-opened’ my account to lump on him

You’re very sweet on this fella. The bookies are giving him little chance…

Indeed but there are a few instances where bookies can get local constituencies wrong and I’m hoping this is one of those. Like the look of Paul Sommerville n Dublin South East for same reasons as Donnelly. He is best priced at 5/2 with Paddy. I think that sort of independent will do well.

Is that the lad off Vincent Browne with no neck?


Are the TFK bookies open for the election

If so price check on crazyhorse keeping his seat and odds on 2 ff and 2fg being returned in clare

I’ll give you 10/11 Conor Lenihan to get back in.

What are Rockos and Larrys thoughts on Trevor Sargent and Eamonn Ryan holding their seats?

Rocko lives down there so would be more familiar with local issues but Sargent is most realistic hope for Greens imo. He has credibility still in place despite last few years though don’t think he will be helped by boundary changes. At moment it looks like Reilly, Daly and Ryan are guarantees with last seat between Kennedy (FF), O’Brien (FF), Kelleher (Lab) and Sargent. I certainly hope Sargent gets it.
Looks like Ryan will be scrapping it out for for last seat with Corrigan (FF), Culhane (Lab) and Matthews (FG). Actually surprising to see Matthews and Ross running in same constituency. I think Sargent has more of a chance than Ryan.
Latest Red C poll has Greens up to 3%. Even though this figure is well within the margin of error it is at least slightly encouraging them for them. Total wipeout still looks well on cards though. FG and others well up too. Prospect of FG majority is pretty terrifying.

That constituency looks nuts, with about a dozen Independents running you’d imagine he’ll get lost in the mire. He’s only 4/1 now but I’d be slow to back him. Fact that he’s a good candidate hardly seems to matter in alot of these constituencies!

Have had a cut off Luke Flanagan at evens in Roscommon South Leitrim. That is my election betting done. I have gone for the following:
10 points on Donnelly at 8/1
1 point on Sommerville at 5/2
5 points on Flanagan at evens

Edit your post to include South Leitrim Larry - Farmer will be seething if he sees your post in it’s current format

Thanks db. Can understand why he’d be annoyed. Nothing annoys me more than people think Derryaghy is part of West Belfast as opposed to Lagan Valley.

I like the look of voter turnout plus 72% at 5/1 for the following reasons

  • Less apathy
  • Large amount of people added to supplementary register. Gone up from 18 thousand in 2007 to over 50 thousand in this election.
  • Voting in island was at 40% by lunchtime today. Turnout previously was 56%

Against that I suppose is fact that large number of people who have left the state are probably still on register.