Electric Picnic


I have seen the 1975 and Florence in last few months. Two top top acts. The 1975 latest album is Ok computer for the millennials. It’s top drawer.


Fuck off you gimp.


Free your mind man.


Since when is it not a proper music festival? It’s the biggest music festival in Ireland and years past have had tiers of support acts better than what’s on that line up. The strokes the only exception, but they’re a heritage act at this stage. I was never that taken with Florence myself, I can see why other people are fans, I still don’t think she’s anything approaching a decent festival headline act.


Florence, who literally roars her way through gigs.


Says the sheep :joy:


Check out the John Peel thread for some proper music.


Big time. I heard some landed gentry toff on the radio yesterday saying it was the best lineup ever. It’s background music for selfie twats. That Bacardi tent needs to be burnt out of it as well. Full of influencer cunts.


Taking pills in your 40’s :roll_eyes:


Dermot Kennedy. He couldn’t but be shit with a name like that. A popstar called Dermot. FFS.


Dare I youtube the cunt ?? what does he sing/ play/ do?


Bit of personal our a few upjohns at that stage of your life … Pills are a young man’s game.


What age are you?


I’ve no idea


I’m a main poster on it.


Power over me is his best known song.


I thought he was a country n western fella


Oh I’ve heard that song. Thought it was the Coronas or one of them other nondescript Irish bands


That’s some lineup of shit in a shithole venue.


I’ve listened to most of that 1975 album a few times, it’s fairly decent alright