Electric Picnic


Fucking sure I will. Unrale live.


This is the year of Billie Eilish…


That’s an extremely weak line up for a big festival. Forbidden Fruit last year was better. Florence and the Machine was support act standard at best back when she had music in the charts.


The strokes aren’t shit, far from it. The Streets are also excellent & very good live. He wouldn’t be my scene but I’d imagine Hozier also puts on a good show. I’m struggling after that alright.


Dont they do this every year? - then name a load more of acts around June


The strokes are a decent act. I saw the streets in the Olympia a few months ago. He’s class, but as a festival headline act he’s very weak.


I think so yeah but normally the main headliners are announced early I think.


Agreed he’s not exactly current, but I would encourage anyone going to head along to him.


It’s a shit line up.


Didn’t see The Strokes. Yeah, they’d be ok.


Christ mate, how did you miss it?


To busy hunched over his phone tapping out his standard negative reaction to everything?


Dermot Kennedy gets lots of play on spin and 2fm mate


All the wanking makes my sight bad…


The 1975. Unreal. Best band around at the moment.


He’s playing Coachella. Plays Olympia in May. Was busking not too long ago.


Saw him at other voices, he has a good voice and talent but is a bit bland at the moment. Falls into the really earnest man with guitar category.


He does. Not sure why he has broken so quickly all of a sudden. Songs are not particularly memorable.


@backinatracksuit @chocolatemice and Cillian Murphy would probably love him.


It’s electric picnic ; it’s not a proper music festival . That line up is too good . Florence is amazing live but will be lost on the types that will attend this snobfest .