ho much should one pay an electrician for putting 3 or 4 light up fittings

thanking you


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are you repacing old lights or are they going to have to run new cables to them…

Are you a woman or what, no offence to women or anything I know plenty who would be well able to stick up a light fitting, you know where the oil goes in the car and all like. Turn off the master switch and you will avoid

Seriously has it to be wired in, and holes drilled etc etc or is the blub holders that have to be replaced, depending on what has to got or drilled and how far away it is form the box don’t give em more that €50 for labour should only take an hour at the most unless tis a country manor you have.


What kind of a queer can’t put up his own light fittings? The missus is mad for the strange cock no doubt.

replacing old lights - its a mate doing it so want to pay him th going rate

going rate is about 25/30 per hour.

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For what its worth, shouldn’t cost more than 150 for the installation, anymore and he’s having you on, 2-3 hours work. But Dublin prices may vary.

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Are you supplying the materials yourself NCC? If you are the labour should be no more than 80-100euro I’d say.

Edit: just thought about it again 100euro would be steep enough.

Really. I know the prices have come down, but sparks are still getting 40-50 an hour around here.

Someone is pulling your pants down kev

massivly. being raped sideways. going rates now are as fran said, 25-30 an hour, and that is pretty much nationwide. if lads are thinking they can still pull 40-50 fair fooks, but doubt they’d get much work at that. someone said €50 to do it, and that’ll probably be cash in hand, so its plenty. get the fittings yourself for cheap enough.

Would do anything small myself, but haven’t been in the market or anything. I’m just repeating what i’ve heard around the place. Could be lads adding porkies, which i can’t understand, but they do it.

I know a couple of plummbers who won’t start the van for any job that doesn’t earn them 75 yo yo’s. Plenty of that small stuff out there apparently.

yup, a lot of small renovation works out there. more so than new stuff, people prefer to fix something rather than replace something. can understand their mentality on it, but I’d say if you rang one of them to fix a boiler and gave him €50 in the hand he wouldnt be turning it down. lads still try say they are earning heaps and that its not affecting them. reality is that its a complete dog fight and its lowest price and who’ll do the work soonest.

Kev, there’s absolutely fuck all out there