Elon Musk


I’d say Musk really wanted to change Twitter’s name to X-terminate but that would have been too obvious.


Freeze peach!

Musk did not buy Twitter to make money, he bought it to swing the election for Trump and to advance fascism in the world.



Hopefully Elon buying twitter and actually allowing free speech spurs on Trump to win the election

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Nonce sense

But but, Gates is trying to implant microchips in us using the Covid vaccine

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Theres a serious ethical question around nerolink. Is it a step too far for humans perhaps. Whereas it can be a grey area and literally is putting microchips into the brain. It could create a larger rich/poor divide. Now if it was solely used for medical purposes such as restoring vision in people who have lost it or bypass spinal injuries fantastic. Like AI, ethical regulations and best practice needs to be trashed out to prevent abuse of the technology


Its frightening to be fair. It will be sold as a great thing initially of course, but hooking yourself into the cloud like that is mad.

Does the algorithim take over from individual human conciousness etc, serious question, if it doesnt now it probably will down the line. How could it be regulated etc

Another conspiracy theory proven correct, unfortunately.

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My tinfoil hst is shaking. What about cyber terrorism, hacking, AI bots on twitter were rampant and still are. Thats with todays technology and we havent stopped this kind of stuff from 10 years ago.

Im a fan of musks dont get me wrong but this needs more research people beong available to the public. Literally need ypur head examined before getting it in

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Transhumanism doesn’t sound ideal. Then again, if you were no longer thinking for yourself, you wouldnt mind sure :grinning:

When its copied and replicated though it would be carnage. Musk himself admitted to being very concerned about AI a number of years ago. Still driving on with the technology is a bit mad.

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Id take a pigs heart or liver if medical science can make it happen. Imagine having your brain hooked directly to tfk, you wouldnt get a minute peace with some of the spamming of others every thoughts

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Musk is 500 years ahead of his time


It does seem quite the issue for the world that a drug addict egomaniac anti-Semite propagandist for world fascism is in charge of the world’s most influential information platform.

Musk will be remembered as one of humanity’s greatest ever charlatans.


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A great great man. All action, no bullshit, get the job done kinda guy. It’s no wonder the bluffers hate him


Could we not get him into ireland to dig the tunnels for the metro snd throw up a few solar farms?

Elon has single handedly saved democracy and the regime hate him for it.

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He is the Greatest person of the 21st century.


Thanks a lot pal. Thought you had my back

Elon Elon Elon


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