Energy Crisis

My power is gone.
This is going to be it for the winter now, rolling black outs.

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Thoughts & Prayers etc

I’d say the house is haunted after all that activity with hawks and magpies.
Try the fuse box.
Check the bill is paid.
Sell or burn the house.


Buy a ginny

It’s back

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Short 50ps for the meter and a big fuck off set of electric gates out the front.


Stock up

They’ll be no use this winter

Brings a new meaning to lockdown

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You’d want your head examined not to have a genny

We’ll be all signed up to the TFK zine mailing list by February.

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We sold the cars in 2019 after Eamons advice.

Waiting here for the neighbour to pick me up and drop me to the office. No sign of the cunt… And he needs to stop at the vet on the way in to pick up a tetanus shot.


Is the Vet cheaper than the GP?

Ivermectin innit?

You sold the car before the car sharing scheme was put in place?

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Better looking.

Did you make TFK aware of this scheme? I get my news here.

i was a republican not a woke hippy back then mate


Wait, you’re a woke hippy now? Since when?

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