Energy Crisis

It’s only the lowest of low information simpletons who think wind energy is a viable efficient solution. It provided 47.4% of the countries energy needs at 3am last Tuesday morning when eveyone was asleep!

Whats the solution really? Firing these cunts out of a cannon? Unfortunately we have to actually live through their braindead ideas and pretend they work. It’s depressing


eh, it takes time to scale up

@TheUlteriorMotive , how was your experience

thats actually a good point, why isnt anyone anywhere talking about an interconnector to France- grrrrrrrrrr

Nuclear is ok as long as it’s in somebody else’s country

as Eamon Ryan said, it takes years to get a bike lane built in this country, what chance of getting a nuclear power plant built in the next 10 years,

if it was the other way around, and we planned to build a power plant- people would rightly ask, why not build an interconnector to France

It was positive other than the BER guy. The BER cert element of the grant needs to be streamlined

I wasn’t full retrofit - just attic. The contractors were excellent.


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Some day in the future, up to 3% of France’s electric blankets will be powered by Irish wind, for a short whileeen.


Exactly. You can’t have it every way.

Why can’t you just nod your head like a fat civil servant and believe what the government tell you like a good boy. This calling out the smell of bullshit isn’t how it’s done

Watch it pal.


Sorry bud, didn’t realise you were carrying a bit of timber

@artfoley under attack

BER Assessors get audited within an inch of their lives. Accumulate 10 penalty points and your off the BER register… So hense the never ending paper trail of product Certs, heating design docs and documented evidence.

I see SEAI are looking for a new Head Of IT, perhaps this will signal the dawn of a Docusign type more streamlined experience… Though looking at the salary on offer I’d wouldn’t hold my breath.


Whole system would be ripe for bribery otherwise.

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Some craic when I was doing them, none of that lark :rofl:


Them were the days. Fellas would pay top dollar to get an A rating.


In fairness to the lads doing the report they’ll advise on what you can do to improve the rating. I was on the cusp of going up a grade and yer man told me if I got a thermostat installed it would get me a few extra points and budge me up to the next level, so he held issuing the report til I got it sorted.

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No energy from windmills when it’s not windy. Absolutely incredible.