Energy Crisis

How it started

How its going

Thanks God for the bit of gas.
We’d be lost without it…

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I read the graph as demand being above supply for the whole weekend

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roll on the interconnecter with France so we will have nuclear too

Rod will get this up to 80%

Eamon Ryan on X: “We’re delivering for climate & economy :arrow_right: 35% electricity from wind in 2023 :arrow_right: €1bn less on fossil fuels :arrow_right: 4.2m tonnes of CO2 saved :arrow_right: Equals 2m cars off the road Wind farms produced 35% of Ireland’s electricity last year, says industry report” / X (

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They needed to add a few more colours.

Here’s a true and sad story. Herself’s cousin in France was killed by a tumble dryer fire. She opened the door and it blew the whole house up. In Paris a few years back. She was a lovely lady too.


How did opening the dryer blow up the house,was it gas?

I personally refuse to use the dryer for my clothes. Make a song and dance about it being used. Basterds of things

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The daughter-in-law’s family own/owned laundries and they say never put a tea-towel into a dryer.
They’ve had a number of fires over the years.

She saw a fire and opened the door. Apparently the dry particles and sudden influx of air exploded it. Jeremy Clarkson made an awesome potato gun using cornflour along similar lines iirc.

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A big long washing line is a great bonus to having the house in the country on a acre of land.

Energia cutting bills today guys

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Any dry powder can be explosive especially when near a static electrical source.

There was an explosion at the odlums factory in the midlands a few years back

As per the ESB site, my power was die to come back at 12:30. Then 16:00. Then 18:45. Now it’s 19:45 but, at this stage, what credibility do they have left?