ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come

The Cricket World Cup.

When is that starting?

What channel is that on?

10.30 at the Riverside Stadium, Chester-le-Street tomorrow morning.

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Have heard fuck all about it. What European teams made it?

Surprising that. There’s a dedicated Cricket World Cup thread on here.

What channel are broadcasting this? BBC? ITV? CH4?

I have it on mute mate… I usually mute shit like cricket and golf and tennis to stop it clogging up my viewing/reading pleasure.

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+1. I’ve over 50 odd threads on ignore


How do you do that ?

BBC. Test Match Special.

Live coverage? On tv?

Seems low… How many South/North American teams?

Chick normal at bottom left

Then muted

I’ll be following it on the wireless tomorrow. Who sits in at home and watches cricket on a Wednesday?

It’s not on tv?

West Indies

They’re both a North American and South American team

Fucking A.


bottom of the thread where it says tracking/watching…you can select mute thread… Great for shite like cricket and tennis.

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