World Cup cricket

Fcuk me, Ben stokes just took some catch

I’d like to see him do it with a fella trying to break a hurley off his hand

It’s fucking hard catching a cricket ball. I played in a game to raise money for the school one time. It’s way harder to hold on to than a sliotar.
Stokes would be able to catch it whilst breaking a hurley off some fella no doubt.

It couldn’t be that hard with nobody marking you surely.

Bish cunt.

Thing is like a rock sure!

Plastic Paddy.

the greatest catch of all time, Stokes is a proper athlete and a hardman he’d ate Tommy O’Bollix from Drumshite and his stick hurl, I always laugh when the gahilban lads try to slip into every conversation how hard they are, I always think of that soccer player that came over to Crossmaglen and mastered Gaelic football in 6 days


A real statement of intent today from World Cup favourites England.

Jofra had the bling bling on. :slight_smile:

Windies have bowled out Pakistan for 105.

England needing 29 off the last 2 overs against Pakistan. England on 320/8 after 48 overs in response to Pakistan posting 348/8.

The West Indies are going well vs the Australians.

Australia 72-4 after 15 overs.

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They absolutely hammered Pakistan. Bowled them out for 105 iirc.

I’ve em backed to win it outright :wink:

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That’s a sound bet.

80/5. They gave David Warner some going over.

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Who is batting, the aussies? Correction, mis read it there. Sorry pal. I see Pakistan gave England a bit of a land the other day.

The aussies will need to get the sanding tools out by the sound of it.

Windies need 57 off last 8 overs. 232/6 after 42 overs. Australia got to 288.