ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Like the Germans, the French don’t do well when they get to Moscow. Bonaparte was routed in Moscow and left there with his tail between his legs and it was the beginning of the end for him. It would be great if we could spring an upset and get past Croatia tomorrow night and get a crack at them. We’ve always beaten the work shy, cheese eating surrender monkeys when it really mattered - Agincourt, Trafalgar and Waterloo.


How is getting past Croatia an upset?


I’m told that Croatia have seriously technically gifted players and that we’re really up against it. I’m not familiar with any of their players beyond Modric. A soccer expert like @the_man_himself I’m sure could provide you with an analysis of Croatian strength.


It’s a very even game which I would slightly favour Croatia. England are favourites though


England are faves


That’s cheered me up. Are Croatia not as good as some are cracking them up to be? I’m a nervous wreck already.


Who’s bigging Croatia up?


Me. They are technically better so hopefully football is the winner


Technically as in they can put a few passes together, the way football should be played. Im sure we will do it


I would actually love to see England win tomorrow so they can have their holes opened on Sunday.


Mandzukic is the name you are searching for, I suspect you will remember his name after tomorrow.



I drank a few pints in mc & sons on union street. I had an apartment in Surrey Row for a while around the corner.


Good luck this evening @GeoffreyBoycott


Thanks mate. We’ll need a lot of luck. These Croatians are shit hot apparently. I’m just after slipping into my lucky waistcoat. Won’t take it off until proceedings conclude tonight in Moscow.


The irony


A spine tingling rendition of the National Anthem.




Poor from the goalie


Yes Sir