ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


The lads will be going mental, luckily for them Modric was partly to blame


I’d imagine an awful lot of Oirish halfwits are not enjoying this very much.


Least they can blame the keeper and dont have to give England any credit


The same eejits who will be wearing their West Ham and Chelsea jerseys tonight.


I know very little about soccer as I’m a hurling man but England are clearly a good bit better than these Croats

The honesty of effort England play with is very very impressive. It’s very very hard not to like them.
They are essentially the typw of team that the Eire soccer fans fantasize about supporting


Ye isee a few of the tactical gurus over on the soccer thread are blaming the keeper.


They’re all over in the World Cup semi final thread. Pretend IRA/EPL fans/Eire soccer types. Going nuts. They’re blaming the ref. Apparently he’s on the take.




Some England support in the Connemara Gaeltacht .


We should be out of sight. Could rue some of those missed chances yet.


Ye are like the Limerick hurlers with the wides


And the poor old Croatian lads are tired because they played a footie match on Saturday as well,


Former Glasgow Celtic manager Liam Brady reckons the referee has been very lenient on Croatia fouling and cynicism. The Pretend IRA will be seething with Chippy. They reckon that the ref is on the take for England.


Good performance from the boys so far. Yet another magnificent set piece for the goal - what a great reflection on Coach Southgate. In defence Stonesy and Youngsy have been excellent. We’re controlling midfield which is a surprise as I was under the impression from other posters here that Croatia had the best midfield in the world.

England look much more dangerous in attack though the captain hasn’t been at his usual brilliant best so far. But there’s surely more to come from that source. Raheem Sterling is a constant threat and dragging their defence all over the place.

Nice to hear the Russians in the crowd expressing their support for their old war ally.

Still a long way to go, but England would certainly have taken a one goal half-time lead beforehand.


This is it lads…


We haven’t looked as assured since the start of the 2nd half.


We’re under siege. Looks to be only a matter of time before Croatia score.


Well called mate


It was coming