ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Not the way we’ve been playing since half time.


It was.


We’re hanging on.


Your athleticism should tell


And tradition, obviously.


We need to get it to extra time for that to possibly kick in. Croatia look like they could win it in regulation time.


They look fatigued mate.


They have had two extra times and are a much older side but they have some serious big game experience and nous in Modric, Rakitic and Madzukic. We just don’t have that.


It’s on a knife edge


It is. Croatia should have killed us off after they equalized. It was complete one way traffic at that stage.


Ye have bulldog spirit though. Tons and tons of it.


There’ll be some bonfire of waistcoats tonight across the empire.


Go home ye huns
Go home ye huns
Go home ye huns
Go home


The first half decent team they’ve met and they’ve been played off the park


Hard luck to all the English men of tfk,@flattythehurdler @backinatracksuit @Matty_Hislop
no shame in losing to a small nation


Thanks mate. Well done Croatia. What an unforgettable four weeks this England team has given us. Heads held high.


We thought youd died you were so quiet all night


Hard luck, pal.


He called it spot on


Thanks mate. There’ll always be an England. We’ll go again.