ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


What’s his name Geoff?



Hitting the target like @GeoffreyBoycott will be hitting the missus tonight.


Hard luck.

This past 3 weeks for you must have felt like Italia 90 did for Eire fans.


I was living in England for the 1990 World Cup mate. We got to the semi final of that one too.


I’m French, mate.


The 1990 team were miles better than the 2018 team


You know what you are
You know what you are
Little Englander


England were the best team in that 1990 tournament.




apologies mate.
Bon chance on Sunday


Merci beaucoup!


Was I right or were they unlucky?


Hard luck @GeoffreyBoycott.

Delighted for little Englanders like @Matty_Hislop and @backinatracksuit


I think we’ve been the only two to be consistent here.


Agreed, @GeoffreyBoycott is a true fan . Hard luck

@Matty_Hislop @padjo and @backinatracksuit mwhahaaaahhhaaaàà


What are you claiming to be right about now? You’ve been badly wrong about nearly everything you’ve said about England in this tournament.


Padjo has taken it bad mate, don’t kick a man when he’s down.


Thanks mate. We’ll rise again.


Hard luck sir. Onwards and upwards.


Colombia would’ve beaten them if James was available. Imagine if England had to deal without their best player, Harry Maguire?