ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Gutted mate, gutted


England had to make do without one of their best players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all tournament. You were badly wrong on your England v Colombia prediction.


I was spot on on that one. I said several times that my prediction depended on James being fit and just before the game started I described it as a very even game as he wasn’t playing, which was proven correct by the game going to the lottery in your words of a penalty shootout



Hide & Seek Captain Kane :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Bottleham Virus finally infected the Squad.
White Kit with stains of excrement. cc @GeoffreyBoycott

England Backers :rofl:



Here’s your prediction from 25 April. Colombia to beat England. No mention of potential missing personnel.


Kane shit his pants.


25th of April? Was I supposed to guess that their best player might be injured two months in advance mate?

Also if I recall correctly you thought England would win and considering you don’t count a penalty shootout as a proper win you were just as wrong as I was, even without taking into account the absence of James Rodriguez


England blew it. A glorious failure again.


Wilshire at home,one midfielder who could have changed things.


Hide & Seek Champion 2018 WC Semi Final Winner :clap::clap::clap:


It’s coming home…


England are very much a team on the up, with loads of talent about to come through from the youth ranks.

The 1990 team was quite old, and was the natural conclusion of that squad’s lifespan - key players like Lineker, Beardsley, Barnes, Waddle and Butcher would never see another World Cup and in some cases another major championship.

Of the current team, only Ashley Young is likely to depart the stage in the near future while the most of the rest should be young enough for 2022.

Even with a much stronger squad, as it’s likely to be, it’s hard to see England ever get a better chance to reach a World Cup final.

I expect they’ll have a good chance of going deep into the tournament again next time but it’ll likely be a harder chance.


Eire fans and a pretend Italian sneering at England performance in this World Cup. How did Eire and Italy go?


in fairness, you cant bate breeding


I feel sorry for genuine England fans like yourself mate. It’s Irish EPL fanatics who overrate their players and the English media that make me laugh at them


Hard luck mate, they put it a nobel effort and as always provided endless enjoyment.


What’s there to feel sorry about? We got to the semi finals with the youngest squad in the tournament and lost out to a better team. Its been a superb four weeks for England. Pride restored in the national side after below par performances over the last decade in tournament finals.


like he did against Iceland


Are you not a bit sad that you’ve lost a semi final in the easiest draw you’ll ever get to a country with a smaller population than “Eire”?