ENGLAND Supporters Thread

Whoever they get in needs to clap down on fhe constant diving by Kane. He is looking for any contact to go down the whole time. It backfired badly against France.

I thought English players don’t dive? It’s only those latin teams with their unpredictable temperament who do this (and win trophies).

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They actually dive like fuck…particularly that wanker Kane. Unfortunately it can bite you on the arse and it just did.

England v Italy cancelled Thursday because the locals in Napoli issued a warning they’d give the travelling fans a hiding.

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Read that one again.

Italy worth a bet in my opinion.

Splendid English performance so far.

Two goals from two great Englishmen, Declan Rice and Harry Kane.

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England ripping Italy apart. Jack Grealish should have finished off a splendid move.

Not beating these in the Euro 2021 will haunt them forever. Italy are shit.

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That’s all in the past. Italy are looking like Leicester and playing like Leicester.

It is but it is also a sickener for England.

They were very good against France at the World Cup and have evolved into an excellent possession based team.

They’ll be even better again at the Euros, but they’ll never get a better chance than 21’.

If they’ll be better again at the Euros they very likely will have a better chance than 2021.

England able to walk through italy so far. At the back England very comfortable. If Phillips lifted his head and played in Kane and Grealish could tap into an empty net England would be home and hosed.

Southgate is a superb leader of men. Hard believe some wanted rid of him

They were one up in the final against a team with nothing going forward bar maybe Chiesa, who is half the player now since injury.

Despite adding Bellingham, and Rashford/Saka going to another level…that was the one. They were about 1/5 to lift the trophy in-running. That weighs on teams.

Ah when will this group ever again play 6 out of 7 games at Wembley in a major tournament that’s opened up for them again. 2021 felt like a seminal moment as they became the nearly men of this international era. Everything Italy have done since suggests that they were decidedly average even if they did oust Belgium and Spain en route to the final.

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Would I be right in saying Italy don’t have a great record in Naples? Lost the famous semi-final to Argentina on penalties in 1990, losing tonight, I think they lost a Euro 2000 qualifier there to Denmark. They beat Russia in the World Cup play-off at the end of 1997 but Russia are pound for pound the worst football nation on earth.

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In fairness to him, he has set them up perfectly tonight. They’ve exceptional players going forward and powerful midfielders.

France lost the Euros at home in 2016 and went on to win the World Cup fairly comfortably. Germany lost the Euros at home in 1988 and won the following World Cup. England have at least up to 2026 with this group in its prime and getting better.