ENGLAND Supporters Thread


Stephen Kenny

I genuinely think he’s the outstanding candidate for the job. What he’s doing with Leverkusen is remarkable to be fair. The available candidates now are weaker than back in the day, 2004 (Rafa and Jose) or 2015 (Klopp and Ancelotti).

You have a mixture of candidates who aren’t good enough (Gerrard, Potter, Nagglesman) or are good but level below the required quality (Franks, De Zerbi and perhaps even Emery). Alonso is a gamble but one worth taking in my opinion.

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Some people are obviously smart, one conversation with me for instance and you’ll know I’m smrt, I am so smrt, I mean smart.

He’s a half way house between Klopp and Arteta in terms of appointment.

I actually think a lot of people do

Imagine hiring a former player with little managerial experience. What could go wrong?

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Yes but OSG had oodles of experience sitting on the united bench already. That counts for a lot.

sure OSGs biggest moment was against a nothing team from a nothing league, according to bru

To be fair it’s undisputedly one of the top 4 leagues in Europe. Who would you pick as next Liverpool manager? (If you didn’t have an unnatural hatred for LFC and Ten Hag wasn’t available).

It’s a farmers league.

For goodness sake manuel neuer came up for a corner at 2 nil down with 1 minute left at the weekend and Bayern conceded from it.

Sure even Sevco thumped most of the top German sides a couple of years ago before losing the Europa League Final to Frankfurt in a lottery competition.


Germany just isn’t a footballing nation

And Bayern unceremoniously dumped Yanited out of Europe. Although then again do did Galatasaray from the EPL retirement league and FC Copenhagen from the Danish Bacon League.

That’s the French league.

You should probably try something like “low profile small town industrialist’s league” if you want to denigrate the Bundesliga along the lines of harmless ethnic stereotypes.

It’s still early for him for sure.

Half the battle is getting in a figure that players will respect or fear. His playing career certainly demands that and his management career to date has been good. The team appear to be well drilled and playing for him. His signings have largely been good too.

There’s always a level of risk bringing any manager in and the EPL is a step up… But he ‘knows the club’ which is the most important factor here. Followed by he 'knows the league '… No wet wednesday nights in Burnley ambushes. He also ‘knows the city’ , which is another key factor.

In saying all that, he probably doesn’t take the job.

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You’d get a job in Germany if you wear a suit with a t shirt on underneath and have a decent record on football manager.

It’s a joke of a league.

The same top German sides that have been humping Celtic for nearly a decade

and white trainers with suit. Also helps if you fist pump.

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An English mid field of rice, Mainoo and Bellingham would be deadly.