Ennis says yes

If only - it centred about grub in the way home

The wife decided she wanted pizza - we all agreed. Then he says with all the earnestness of a man who realised he left the emersion on all day - “oh wait - I’d pizza last night”

A friend of mine then said Chinese - and proceeded to take an order - asks the FIL what will you have “sure the usual” as if he had regularly eaten Chinese with the man he met the the first time that day


Off to the roaster thread with you.

Was a handy place for the match tbf. Probably at least 45 mins to get to the motorway with the after match traffic. Would recommend.

Is it teachers and parents running it? They geta fair amount of cars in.

I normally skip the first exit for Ennis and go on as far as the Tulla one and then park in along that road somewhere. Handy enough walk into the cabbage patch and you’d be back on the motorway in no time afterwards.

Is there anything more important in pub post game analysis than boasting about how quickly you “got away”.


How far in would you go? Is there a shop or a landmark you could highlight?

I came in at the Doora Barefield exit 14 last month, parked below, 15 minute walk to the ground, out in no time.

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Tierney’s costcutter has a serious deli inside in it. Worth a visit if you want a sandwich next time.

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Looking at the map the last day i parked at the 2nd roundabout. I’ve also parked further in beyond that rundown car dealership type place, but anywhere around that 2nd roundabout is a 15/20 minute walk to the ground.

One of the Clare lads would know better.

I got a Magnum in the Spar on the way back out.

There is ample parking on the side of the road after that second roundabout until you hit the left turn at the aforementioned Tierney’s.

Just get there relatively early and face her for home. Easy walk to the park and into the town then

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Coming in from the Tulla Road, going past the first two roundabouts, there’s a ‘Link Brazil’ shop at a roundabout. We often take the right at the shop, and chance the road/estates around there.

If you’re in early enough, it’s not generally an issue, think we were there just over an hour before throw-in the last day.

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Coming from portlaoise

So coming from portlaoise will I just put that into the sat nav or which way do I go?

Abandon her by the back of Stakelum’s builders merchants

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That’s Ennis rather than thurles I presume?

Yes I have edited her

No because I’d say the sat nav would bring you right through the middle of Thurles which would defeat the purpose. Go up the M7 as far as the turn off for Roscrea/Templemore. Head for Templemore on the n62. Stay on the n62 through Templemore and all the way to the outskirts of Thurles. You’ll see a modern estate of brown brick houses on your right. Turn just before that at Jimmy Doyle Road. There’s a sign for it. Go all the way to the end to the roundabout and take the third exit which is the institute. €5 to park.

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Savevl ennis on the news there

Seems to be against jobs and houses

RTÉ News on X: “Over 300 people have attended a rally in Ennis, Co Clare to oppose plans to build on two public car parks in the town centre https://t.co/FP4F57m28m” / X