Euro 2024 Betting

I’m on a good run of tournaments lads. Winners and or top scorer in the last 4. I’m looking forward to this. Will do up a preview in time but for the moment, betfair are doing the old 'bet 10, get 2e back every time they score in the group stages. I’ll be putting that on France. Cos theres a very good chance you could win, but also they are pretty likely to put a hatful past somebody in the group.

Throw all your bets in here.


I’d say it’ll be a Limerick-Kilkenny final.

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I’ve plumped for Engerlund as an emotional hedge plus they’ll stick away a few in a handy group when there’s no pressure on

I’m struggling to see past England, France or Germany. And of those 3 i think it’s France’s to lose. Their squad is a damn sight better than anything else around. Their manager is highly experienced and pragmatic. They know how to get it done in big tournaments but crucially, lost the world cup final and will have extra motivation this time youd feel. I’d think that is more than enough to justify them at 7/2. Id even think it represents a bit of value but i wouldnt be betting enough to make 7/2 pay really. France can stroll through their group, score a few, rest a few and then play second place in the portugal/ turkey group. Belgium would most likely be up then. Then Germany maybe in a semi… not the easiest but still very doable.
England would probably have the easiest route * and feel like they should step up again but when it comes down to it, i think france beat them if they want it and will.
Germany are hoping to come good on a wave of enthusiasm for nagelsman and home advantage. Theyll surely go deep enough after a possibly slow start but i think they lack enough high quality overall and have been struggling a bit too much over the last couple of years for it to suddenly come right.

*the draw seems very strange. Englands half seems to only have 2 group winners. Frances half would have 4. That seems strange, or most likely that im reading it wrong.

So what does that mean? Well i won’t be backing anyone for the win other than a tenner on france for the benefit of the free bets and a bit of interest.
I will however be using france and england as the bases for my winner top goalscorer doubles.

So far,
I’d be having a whack off england v france final @16-1, great value. England v germany is 9-1 for example with germany likely to meet france in a semi if both win their groups. I see france winning their group and england too so at least they should stay on opposite sides.

Will come back for my top goalscorers later.


England to beat France in final is 30/1

Hard to see that Manager, Keeper and back four being good enough to win it out.


Who will England’s left back be?

I have them meeting in a semi-final on the predictor app anyway. Is Shaw fit? Joe Gomez left-back?

A great bet for interest is an accumulator on a group winner/to qualify from every group. Gives you half an interest in every match if you get sitting down to watch random ones.

Saka when Cole Palmer takes his spot down the right!

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Hard to see that side win a euros

Trippier if Shaw is not fit.

France & Mbappe 16/1, simple really don’t overthink this.


Agreed. But ill be doing france and kane too. And france and lukaku.

France & Kane is a good cover think it’s around 33/1, Lukakau is red raw useless.

Lukaku is a great man to bang in 3 goals in one game and belgium have an easy griup. He could be on 5 by the end of it. His odds have been cut from 18s to 14s and hes well worth a single i think. 83 goals in 114 games for belgium.

So Shaw is first choice?


Scotland to lose every game and not to score a goal in the competition is a good bet for me.

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I’m diametrically opposed to that. I think they’ll do well and will draw with the germans furst game.