Europa League Matchday Five

Bhoys, we’re kicking off in the Bay Arena at 17.45.

I’m going to find it difficult to watch too much of it.

Team news will be in shortly.

If Betis win at home to Ferencvaros then we need to avoid defeat in Germany to take qualification to the final matchday.

Otherwise we’ll be confirmed Europa Conference League challengers in the new year.

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No surprises there.

Is two sub keepers a permanent thing now? I thought we were going early in the season because we didn’t have enough players but it seems to be across the board?

Yeah I think it’s two sub keepers in European games.

Only downside in starting Forrest is we don’t have much of an impact on the bench. Abada and Johnston could cause problems but maybe not who we want to being on when we’re leading 4-6 with 20 minutes to go.

I think Johnston is a bigger danger than Forrest, the problem is he then shifts Jota away from his most dangerous position.

I thought Forrest and Jota and Kyogo linked well on Saturday. St Johnstone were probably tiring by then but I thought it was encouraging.

Johnston had a couple of iffy games recently. I like him, but I think Forrest is a bigger goal threat and probably better at pressing away from home.

I was at the BayArena in 1998 watching Leverkusen struggling to a home defeat against the now defunct Rangers. Hoping for a similar insipid performance from the home team tonight.

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Gerry Armstrong loves saying “Look at this” anytime a counter attack starts or a bit of space appears

Huns banning BT from castle greyskull tonight

We’re getting the runaround here

Fcuk sake

What a leap

CCV has been playing well but we’ve been poor otherwise.

That was too easy

Bitton looks out of his depth. Keeps giving it away and he’s not offering much protection either

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Not a hope would that have been given if Kyogo got straight up. Correct decision though

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That was a penalty. Good call

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Lucky bastard.