European Championships 2018 (Various Sports)


This is a sort of quasi-European version of the Olympics with different sports co-ordinating their various championships in Glasgow, with the athletics in Berlin.

RTE and BBC are going big on it.

Just watched a bit of the swimming there. Some Scotch guy called Duncan Scott won the men’s 200 metres freestyle from an outside lane in a cracking race, having barely qualified for the final. Our old friend Yulia Efimova won her second gold medal in the 200 metres breaststroke.

RTE’s swimming coverage is top notch, as usual, with John Kenny and Nick O’Hare on commentary, with Earl McCarthy, Grainne Murphy and Andrew Bree in studio.

Bree’s voice and mannerisms are very similar to that of Ian Paisley Junior.

Thomas Barr is running in the semis of the 400 metres hurdles at around 7pm.


Phil Healy failed to qualify out of her semi final, finished like a train but not enough, 200 looks to be her event


It’s a great idea for these to be coordinated. They’d get little to no airtime as stand alone events, outside of athletics


Semi-final 1 of the 400 metres hurdles just completed. Barr runs in semi-final 3 in a few minutes.

Top 2 to qualify.


Copello looked like he was out for a jog.


Barr into the final with second place in his semi. But the Turk Coppello who was bronze medallist in Rio looked very comfortable in winning the race.


There’s lads here who’ll be running the 10k quicker than some forumites would run 5


Plenty of contenders for the people that look slow thread in the shot put final


this is a brilliant evening’s athletics
RTE’s coverage is superb
@Sidney who is giving the Brian Kerr type analysis here during the men’s 10k?
Derval O Rourke the cold hearted bitch taking no prisoners in the studio also


Trying to figure that out myself.

It’s not Gillick is it?


FFS less of the men’s shot putt and more of the women’s fault please




+1 on that


men are dying here in the 10k
the turks had the gumption to give that kenyan import a turkish name…


The German lad just horsed that put up the field


is the poor irish lad still going here?


He is. Huffing and puffing.


The big Pole back in it


the north africans in the spanish, belgian and french vests are ganging up on the turkish kenyan here,
its like Khalid Skah in 1992…


our man about to be lapped, it must be soul destroying